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When your child becomes ill it can be scary for a parent, especially if it’s your child’s first time being sick.  I’ve seen other mothers place the back of their hand against their child’s skin or kiss their forehead and know whether or not their child is running a fever.

I’m not that mom.  I need a number.  I need a thermometer that is easy to use and reliable.

After using the Purple Safety thermometer I sat down at my computer and tried to decide what I wanted to tell you about it.  Should I talk about the soft flexible tip?  The plastic storage case?  The extra battery?  I thought about each of these things, but then I realized, that’s not the information you’re looking for.

Really, you just want to know if it works, right?  Well, it does.  I took my temperature several times and compared it to different thermometers and it works.  I will say, it does read a little higher than other thermometers I’ve used (around 0.2 degrees F), but it’s consistent.  And really, that’s what important to me.  I want to be able to track whether my child’s condition is improving, staying the same, or getting worse, and I can only do that if I have a thermometer that gives me consistent results.

So, there you go.  If you’re looking for a digital thermometer that works, consider Purple Safety.

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