Digital Thermometer

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#purplesafety digital thermometer reads your temperature in about 30 seconds. It has a couple different beeps one letting you know when it finished reading and one to let you know that you have a fever. Which is good because unless you are in a good amount of light the screen is a little hard to see and read. This thermometer came with an extra battery for when it was time to change it out. And the clear case to keep the thermometer germ free. Easy to clean antibacterial wipes or soap and water both work great to clean the thermometer.

#purplesafety digital thermometer with flexible end. This thermometer is great for kids. You can use it in any of the three areas to take temperature (rectum, armpit, mouth). It’s quick to get results, takes about 30 seconds. The flexible end makes it easier on a kids or even and adults mouth. It’s pretty easy to read as long as you’re in the light.

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